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Requesting Ref for Newerth (Pulse) Public EU Server
Moderators: Pulse's moderators
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Joined: 08 Dec 2016
Posts: 93
Location: Complaints Desk
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> jew down
5> ^clan 86791^Paul Whiteberger> hmm ref?
5> ^clan 86791^Paul Whiteberger> can you mute djinghis please?
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> if he says it again
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> ps jew - I was not on the server when that was said
2> XR_FirstTimePlayer> goku u just ref some more days dont worry xD
^900Referee Goku ^900has ^gmuted ^900djinghis!^w
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> i said 1 more time didnt i
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> btw that means ur muted in game too, not just warmup
5> ^clan 86791^Paul Whiteberger> I'm going anyway Goku it was my last match for now
5> ^clan 86791^Paul Whiteberger> you can unmute him
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> idc if it offends u or not, it's racist and i dont accept racism
^900Referee Goku ^900has ^gunmuted ^900cant muted!^w
1> ^clan 80884^RooN> goku
1> ^clan 80884^RooN> comm?
(cant muted)11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> was but
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> k too bad
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> u wanna go t1?
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> ill comm t2
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> not while this abuser is here
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> what a playground
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> to think ur men
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> what a joke
5> Paul Whiteberger> djinghis is mentally retarded.. just ignore him
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> dont worry
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> i will get god ref
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> it's only the exploiters and trolls that seem to cry when i do something about it
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> and ur pretty much both
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> with an iq lower than a raccoon's
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> so
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> that's right, end those sentences in so
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> ur probably the loneliest creature ever to have existed
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> ur self esteem is so damn low
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> i pity u dj
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> the only reason people still play savage is coz of the community
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> u work daily trying to ruin it
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> u made many players quit
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> ur a scumbag dj
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> it's ok
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> keep talking, you'll run into some common sense eventually
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> stfu and reflect on urself asshole
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> fucking trash
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> just do your job
2> XR_FirstTimePlayer> Goku disconnect switch the team in middle game so what ref do xD
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> when did that happen
2> XR_FirstTimePlayer> 40 sec before
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> i joined t2 coz they didnt have a comm u inbred
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> so to break rules, you just need a convienient excuse?
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> being a ref has more to do with server building than anything else
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> im commanding what i felt was the weaker team
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> just so u fuckers play
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> see
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> i never do shit like u
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> place firewards like that
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> I always make sure I have fun
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> ur definition of fun is pretty twisted
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> the moment I take a game seriously, I become like you
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> ur in a league of ur own
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> i dont take the game seriously
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> but i respect people
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> and the community
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> ur like a pain in the ass
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> that's ur definition of fun
11> ^clan 85625^djinghis> you have a twisted idea of respect
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> no i dont
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> who the fuck r u to tell me what i have
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> ur a lowlife scumbag
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> go get some tissues, screenshots and demos
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> and go complain on the forums
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> like all big savage boys do
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> fucking children
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> fuck this community
^clan 86805^Goku has become referee!
^900Referee Goku ^900has ^gmuted ^900kLLik!^w
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> go report me
^900Referee Goku ^900has ^gmuted ^900Braindead!^w
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> go report me, i dont want to play with scumbags anymore
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> drama every dat
0> ^clan 86805^Goku> day
^900Referee Goku ^900has ^gmuted ^900djinghis!^w

I'm taking a new approach with Djinghis and the like. I won't try to argue with them or talk back to them. I'm just going to mute. There's a reason he's banned from the newerth forums.

The times I play at, I have to deal with Kenway, Djinghis, Emily and other players simply targetting the ref because he's a ref. There's no give and take with these people, they're low lifes and are the reason a lot of veterans don't play anymore.

The source of my anger was really how a person can be so conceited and really take in 0 criticism or think of the actions he does. A troll is a troll and a low life is a low life.

Maybe I did let my anger get ahold of me. I am taking a new approach with Djinghis. I will mute him instantly if he opens his mouth in a negative way. If you don't agree with me, I will gladly step down as ref and quit the game. Enough is enough.

This guy was clustering all the team's firewards in a single area and I kept having to destroy them one by one and hope people F1 his kick vote, even with a reason. But we all know people on the other team don't care and will just F2, which was the case.

Kenway was spawning behe outside the map on kinixxx and walking it to my base.

Yesterday, people were exploiting the grimm's wall on ts_mini and saying "oh, sorry! we simply jumped on top of it"

Someone was running a script to avoid mutes and kept reconnecting.

The second you slay someone or warn them from doing something you get them and another person calling you abuser. kLLik is a great example.

Someone was saying "hello my lovely little jews" today and was trying to argue with me how what he was saying wasn't offensive.

I wanna relax and watch the game after playing for 2 hours straight but for the sake of the people playing there I took it upon myself to command what I knew was a losing team and I get called abuser for doing that?

I sat for half an hour building a Human and Beast base on Kinixxx so players could join the server and have a place to play at, which quickly worked... It brought me Dj and Kenway...

This is what I deal with, and I get called abuser because I want to create a more enjoyable and respectable experience for everyone.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:24 am
Last edited by eLeMenT on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:37 pm; edited 12 times in total
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Newbie poster

Joined: 25 Sep 2014
Posts: 548
the game after

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:25 am
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Newbie poster

Joined: 25 Sep 2014
Posts: 548
heres what GOKU (Element) did not mute while he sat in spec fuming about life.

Keep up the good work buddy...

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:31 pm
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Newbie poster

Joined: 23 Apr 2014
Posts: 15
Hey eLeMenT , im signing on for the first time today (8 pm atm) where the fuck is your proof that "Kenway" walked behe, if some guy trolls as me with a pink flag, that doesnt make that person me m8, dont generalize without proof, told you Im out of exploiting, and for 3 months now.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:06 pm
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