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3dman element etc
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Author Message
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Joined: 14 Jan 2017
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2:38 i called impeach ,ref stop vote
2:40 mute without reason
2:53 cmd electing himself
12:25 again cmd electing himself several times

happy now?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:00 pm
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Kick up some sand
Wait untill people notice you kicking some sand

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:22 am
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Tjen, still useless as always Smile

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:17 pm
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Joined: 14 Jan 2017
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nice and friendly refs you have..

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 7:35 pm
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21> ^clan 67392^Ed> cable how about we dont behe spawn
8> cable> last time you told me you care if i stop elecing
8> cable> what u want from me
21> ^clan 67392^Ed> one is a rule, the other a fag move
8> cable> haha you are a fag, playing for your advantage and fucking on rules
21> ^clan 67392^Ed> behe spawn is against the rules cable. either follow them, or fuck off
8> cable> best ref eu
8> cable> fag move
8> cable> typical
8> cable> 'i do my ref job if you stop elecing me'
8> cable> whats wrong with you


32> ^clan 86433^cbojiota> cable pidaras - exploit


^900Referee drk has stopped a vote!^w
^900Referee eLeMenT has stopped a vote!^w
^900Referee eLeMenT has stopped a vote!^w
8> cable> lol element
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> realx guys lol
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> what is he doing
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> ur spamming votes
8> cable> they waste buff and gold
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> how so
8> cable> how what
23> ^clan 23214^L3onida$> K waste buffs
^clan 39107^SOMA has become referee!
23> ^clan 23214^L3onida$> and gold
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> stop saccing and look you dumb fuck -------------- I was saccing
18> ^clan 85591^vipqiv> _K_ uses buff to destroy but L3onida$ wastes buffs to survive
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> so u kick him? ----------------- The votes were on L3onida$
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> jesus
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> u turn buffs off him
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> and turn gold off him
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> so many guys trolling
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> u dont kick him
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> 2 refs spec
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> ur the troll here.
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> 2 refs playing
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> no one for kick
20> ^clan 1548^_K_> no fuck elec againm
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> i don't know wtf is your guys problem ?
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> they started crying when t2 starting saccing all together
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> if he waste gold or buff why you didn't close it then
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> Reason: abusetkick ------------ He called a vote to kick me
^900Referee eLeMenT has stopped a vote!^w
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> they're just crybabies
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> fuck of you troll ass pussies
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> nice chain sac t2
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> if leonidas is wasting ur gold
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> turn off requests from him
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> cant win straight up
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> it's not hard


9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> ur an experienced commander
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> ask your comm to block gold/buff for him
0> ^clan 67392^drk> dont be mad Sasori, gg's
20> ^clan 1548^_K_> btw eLeMenT when comm have to resing all open again
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> what drk?
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> oO
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> your a stupid fucking troll element the biggest fucking exploiter EVER in savage
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> gtfo
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> or resign and do it every time
8> cable> so dont resign???
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> me, an exploiter?
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> i dont see problem on lose
8> cable> why shouldnt he resign
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> you know it
8> cable> retarded or what
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> HeMi relax
0> ^clan 67392^drk> I ment about that stopped vote
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> ah ok haha
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> no problem
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> is it about L3onida$ wasting buff?
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> i know exactly what's happening
8> cable> and 2 other guys
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> ur crying like a bunch of babies coz u were losing
8> cable> and gold
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> that's what happened
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> ^clan 80227^
0> ^clan 67392^drk> wrote long time ago on the ref forum tbh that such votes should be stopped because it's like an exploit to get back
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> but i dont think right
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> 4 refs


4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> you kept stopping the fucking votes dumbfuck
17> ^clan 86782^Sasori> idk why 4 refs on xD
0> ^clan 67392^drk> this map is -,-
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> let me teach u proper kicking etiquette
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> and im not saying this coz im ref
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> becasue the ref is a troll exploiter
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> Reason: abusetkick
A vote has been called
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> say: he's wasting gold
^900Referee eLeMenT has stopped a vote!^w
^900Referee eLeMenT ^900has ^gmuted ^900HeMi!^w
20> ^clan 1548^_K_> nice
8> cable> 8:1
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> rename urself to "hes wasting gold"
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> and call a kick vote
19> Governor of British India> CALM DOWN , at least you aren't in AFGHANISTAN


9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> respect each other fuck
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> i respect u, respect me
8> cable> you tired and then mute without reason
8> cable> great
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> you NEVER respected anyone in 12 years why now?
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> hemi who the fuck r u
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> anyway stfu with the whole oh refs arent doing their job
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> OH i went afk who won?


9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> u want things to go ur way and ur crying sick of ur shit, all of u
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> ref won
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> ^clan 80227^
0> ^clan 67392^drk> I did
2> ^clan 39107^SOMA> lol
8> cable> no YOUR are not doing your job
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> no one is playing because every match since Element got ref has gotten worse and worse with the exploits.From him
20> ^clan 1548^_K_> sure
20> ^clan 1548^_K_> ^clan 80227^
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> please, elaborate. how do i exploit
8> cable> thats why i report as much as i can about his incompetence
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> serv er settings]
A vote has been called -------- cable called some stupid troll vote about me
8> cable> sry inkontinence
Vote passed
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> i exploit server settings?
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> looooool
0> ^clan 67392^drk> server exploiter!
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> hacked an entire company and jmz's computer jsut so i can win at this game
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> this is how i roll


20> ^clan 1548^_K_> this shit settings allow players insta join when game start in what team they want lol
23> ^clan 23214^L3onida$> Reason:
A vote has been called --------- Kick vote on _K_ from L3onida$
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> yep
^900Referee eLeMenT has stopped a vote!^w
20> ^clan 1548^_K_> f1
20> ^clan 1548^_K_> f1
20> ^clan 1548^_K_> f1
32> ^clan 86433^cbojiota> finaly right vote
11> ^clan 81900^Frintezza> STOP ! Iam POLICE
11> ^clan 81900^Frintezza> ^clan 80227^
A vote has been called
^900Referee eLeMenT has stopped a vote!^w
23> ^clan 23214^L3onida$> he wast buffs and stone
^900Referee eLeMenT ^900has ^gmuted ^900_K_!^w
23> ^clan 23214^L3onida$> Reason:
^900Referee eLeMenT ^900has ^gmuted ^900L3onida$!^w
2> ^clan 39107^Regalous> god thank you eLeMenT
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> im always surprised when people complain about ref abuse
8> cable> element has incontinence but in the mouth
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> like i imagine ref abuse as instakilling your enemy to win
8> cable> shut up
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> not muteing without absolute airtight reasoning
8> cable> yessss thats normal
8> cable> on this server
8> cable> or lets say normal for element
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> what is, cable
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> troika dont bother
2> ^clan 39107^Regalous> ^clan 76346^
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> let him bark alone
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> hes getting a mute soon too
8> cable> you should have a look on my 3dman element threat i report all this abuse
22> ^clan 17303^LSB> refree should have no pleasure in muting - but if he does, something going wrong with him
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> cable you know.. you can report anything really but jmz won't really give a damn
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> ur wrong
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> refabuse is ignoring a problem because your team is benefiting from the rule violation...and you continue to sac while the issue is being discussed...just to wi. Fuck you.
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> entirely wrong
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> he is just too pacifiest..
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> what fucking annoys me the most is the stupid forum posts
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> that makes all of us sit and discuss it
8> cable> ye thats the shit but if i find more abuse he willl have to do something against
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> we do discuss everything
8> cable> give ur ref back
8> cable> your not qualified
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> so everyone is abusing ref when they dont f1 a kick vote against a behe camper?
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Cable is mad because I told him to stop behe spawning.
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> if its a ref yes
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Just ignore the troll and get on with it Smile
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> HeMi, at best thats lazy
8> cable> lol 3d man your biggest cunt ever haha you remember what u told me when i needed u as a ref??????????????????
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> i mean at worst
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> if you take away ref from that person, game wont become better
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Cable, frankly, I don't care.
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> by replacing inaction with impotence
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> I saw him last month I think,, entering past midnight with C.Kenway and Turk online.. they spammed and cursed like non-stop.. and he writes in chat for like 10 minutes.. guys.. hey.. can you please stop.. comeon guys that's aint funny
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> this is the quality of people that cry out ref abuse
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> he did nothing and he is capable of doing nothing because he's afraid he will break the community if he goes harsh against anyone really
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> If you believe something is wrong, post it with a demo on the forum and it'll be discussed. Otherwise, please shush or go elsewhere.
8> cable> 3d man only doing his job if you dont block elec him he said that to me
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Crying here won't fix anything.
8> cable> what u guys think of that
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> u know what i think
8> cable> thats fucking crazy how he became ref
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> i dont know anything about 3dman or what happened
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> Element seems to think we don't remeber the hundreds of hours of games HE ruined by exploiting terrain to sac shield. Over and over and over.
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> I'm here, Troika Very Happy
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> I never forget.
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> Ed, im not sure i understand
^900Referee eLeMenT ^900has ^gunmuted ^900L3onida$!^w
^900Referee eLeMenT ^900has ^gunmuted ^900mute cbojiota!^w ------------ _K_
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> well 3dman and drk are not fit for ref I said it long time ago and brought proofs.. but really as I said it's useless
8> cable> thats depriving for what do we post report
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> in anycase, i've personally never seen any ref using his powers to win a game
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> hence I don't post anymore
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> im not saying it never happened
8> cable> i want them to lose ref not to open any discussion
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Entitled to your opinions. If that proof has been provided, and I've not had my ref removed, then clearly you are in the wrong.
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> but it has to be rare
4> ^clan 57152^HeMi> an honest person does not do that. ever. It speaks volumes of his lack of character
8> cable> well i postet screenshot
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> hemi idk wtf ur talking about, i never exploited in my life
8> cable> you can have a look in forumj
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> ok great cable
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> end of discussion
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> +1
8> cable> not talking to you kid
8> cable> i discuss as much as i want
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> yes in the forums
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> AH, now i remember you!
8> cable> and here in spec chat
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Sorry, you were so irrelevant I just forgot
8> cable> so tell me is that ok what u did
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> It was a game of kinixx, and a comm spawned as behe. I spoke to the player privately in team chat.
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> btw, if i was a ref i would enjoy muting brainwashed on site
8> cable> he spawned permanently
8> cable> you could have told me that
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> I once fire buffed drk constantly.. so he said i'm skilless idiot.. then two days later he elec me and I said the same to him.. got muted with kick warning that second
8> cable> but no you wanted to troll me. nice ref man really adult move
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> tra im pretty sure drk forgot about that incident
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> and he probably just thought u were calling him that in general
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> so he took offense to it
34> ^clan 86791^your honest Kebab salesman> probably but still I mean this is how it feels to play against ref..
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Will you get over it? The game is done.
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> man tra
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> i promise u
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> if ur nice to drk
8> cable> i get over it, but it shows how bad your behaviour is against players you dont like
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> u can curse the fuck out of him and he'll laugh
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> that's the type of person he is
2> Regalous> check campers
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> so is ed
8> cable> and thats going in direction abuse
12> ^clan 81192^Troika> i dont see a problem with disliking or hating people here
Ya made the ultimate sacrifice
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> You're constantly abusing me. And I sit here and take it.
8> cable> abusing you i had to rape u to abuse you
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> And now you carry on.
8> cable> so now you care? i thought you dont
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> I'm just fed up of you filling my feed.
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> And if I ignore you, you'll cry even more.
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> +1
8> cable> aha
8> cable> linguistic pros here
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> No, just not an idiot.
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Worth the extra so you can screenshot this for your childish behaviour.
8> cable> no thx
28> ^clan 67392^Ed> Then, be quiet and enjoy the game
8> cable> you be quiet
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> drop it 3dman, the golden age of savage is dead
9> ^clan 58270^eLeMenT> it's just a bunch of trolls and a few good apples now
28> Ed> What a cock haha -------------------- To me in PM about cable


Probably more happened.


Private messages between me and cable in a different game:

33> cable> anti got switched t2 , now rejoin t1 is tha okay?
->cable> anti was on t1
->cable> then i guess somehow got switched to t2
->cable> he went to spec
->cable> now he's back in t1
33> cable> no after shuffle he switched t2
33> cable> cause of shuffle
33> cable> and then joined spec
33> cable> teams already unfair do your job 1 time pls
->cable> man it happens all the time in shuffle
33> cable> so teamswitching is ok allright element thank you
->cable> no it isnt
33> cable> thats what he did! he stacked t1 you were even 3 more then
->cable> personally, i dont care too much if someone switches
->cable> i care if someone switches to ruin the game
33> cable> nvm element allrigight i know for future
33> cable> with the next chance for a slot in t1 I'll switch teams
->cable> the guy just joined the game and wanted to play t1
->cable> u were in t2 all game
33> cable> no i joined in mid
->cable> if u think this is coz i want my team to win ur wrong
->cable> ill fucking go t2 now
->cable> here
->cable> come t1
->cable> ill go t2
cable joined team 1
^clan 52509^eLeMenT joined team 2
->cable> happy?
33> cable> not rlly
33> cable> would be happy if u moved anti
->cable> no ur a crybaby
->cable> that's what u r
->cable> a big fucking baby
33> cable> no. you just always talk about rules are rules
->cable> u dont fucking understand
->cable> ur a fucking kid
->cable> a child
->cable> u know wht
->cable> rules are there for a reason
->cable> to make everything fun for everyone
->cable> anti wanted to play t1
->cable> and he got switched when he joined the game
->cable> and he got switched when he joined the game, so i understand if he went to spec to join t1
->cable> ur just a fucking kid man
->cable> grow the fuck up
->cable> if he was in t2 half the game then switchted to t1 coz he's losing
->cable> different story
->cable> but ur a child
32> XR_FirstTimePlayer(32)> btw cable just switched teams
32> XR_FirstTimePlayer(32)> the fucker
32> XR_FirstTimePlayer(32)> gj cable
9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> let me explain to u why
9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> coz he was complaining about anti joining t1 after he got switched to t2
32> XR_FirstTimePlayer(32)> anyway im out
32> XR_FirstTimePlayer(32)> 1 hour of nothing -------------- He was comm
32> XR_FirstTimePlayer(32)> sub built , sub dies , sub built , sub dies
9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> anti just joined the game and wanted to play t1 but as soon as he joined, he got switched to t2 due to a shuffle vote. to show i didnt care about my team winning or losing, i offered him to switch teams
32> XR_FirstTimePlayer(32)> im outie yall
9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> coz cable is a big fucking baby
33> cable> teams look fine
33> cable> haha
A vote has been called
You voted yes
^clan 52509^eLeMenT has become the new commander!
9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> happy? can we play now?
33> cable> Very Happy


9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> cable next time u talk to me i promise u im gonna mute u
33> cable> abuse boi
9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> im gonna abuse the fuck out of u
9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> and ur not gonna be able to do shit about it
9> ^clan 52509^eLeMenT> ok?
33> cable> aha


->cable> u really abused my kindness to u
->cable> ur in the same category as djinghis now
->cable> enjoy, im tired of ur shit
33> cable> stop your rage
33> cable> you should have yourself under control
33> cable> youre the ref not me
->cable> as if, stfu
33> cable> excuse me?
->cable> i said stfu
->cable> ur only job is to troll me
33> cable> okay homie
33> cable> i was srs about the thing with anti
->cable> im not ur homie
33> cable> i cant do shit if you rage
->cable> the fact that ur calling me homie shows how little respect u have
->cable> ill teach u, the same way i taught djinghis
33> cable> youre getting weird homie
^900Referee eLeMenT has kicked cable!^w
cable disconnected (Temporarily kicked from server for 15 minutes: You have been refkicked by eLeMenT)


All demos available upon request, I think this is self explanatory though.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:47 pm
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upload a demo idiot, nobody want to read through chat logs - at least paraphrase.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:48 am
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