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Concerns about rules
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Author Message
Newbie poster

Joined: 25 Sep 2014
Posts: 548
1. Players are not allowed to insult other players.
- Any kind of racism is not tolerated. Players are not allowed to whine, flame, moan or condemn other players in-game.

The original rule "like I mentioned before" lacked consequence, and when a ref has 3 or more actions at their disposal, it seems logical to set concrete actions that a ref can work with. Insults are more than included in my rule and as for"berating" if it doesn't break the rule, then it's absolutely trivial imo. If you can't take non racist non-offensive criticism, then why are you playing online with other ppl.

gerund or present participle: berating
scold or criticize (someone) angrily.

"Vilification" more than takes care of that I believe anyway.

You may approve of a 30 minute kick for racism, but I and many others do not - as it would kick players constantly "if it were enforced" - and on that point, refs are already lax on muting let alone kicking racist players, so I doubt making the rule harsher will help. The old Autralian server had an admin like that who would kick you for saying "fag" and even calling someone "noob", basically he was so bad- ppl joined the US server at the expense of ping and his server was dying due to his actions.
You over regulate a game of all things and you shoot yourself in the foot.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:55 pm
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Newbie poster

Joined: 25 Sep 2014
Posts: 548
Warning - I've had 4 beers Smile

Id remove the entire referee section, as it's not pertinent for players to see that as well as it being blatantly obvious and common sense for referees.

^rConcerning Referees:^w

19. Respect the referees and their decisions. In case the rules are unclear concerning any of the topics above the referees will decide how to apply them.

20. Referees will punish you if you break any of the rules or if you misbehaved in a way that might not be literally listed in the rules.

21. Referees are not allowed to use their powers solely for personal gain or to give themselves an unfair advantage over other players.

22. Referees may be kicked from the server by other referees if they do not reveal their real nickname when asked to.

Basically it's been made point-form listed as numbers as rules which is not correct and should be at the very least summarized in an introduction or sub-text. But removing it all together doesn't seem so bad. It's basically a statement about how vague/unclear/ill-worded/inaccurate the above rules actually are and to respect the poor interpretation of poorly written rules no matter what happens (this will not do at all). Albeit trivial in the eyes of gamers - take a look at some popular forums and how forum rules are carefully written. And as convoluted and complex as English can be, it has the power and extensive dictionary to accurately and precisely write explicit rule sets. That is one of my goals - whether Pulse or groent wish to inherit even partially my rule sets is not my concern - I simply enjoy the exercise and if one day I get my own server, my rules will obviously have a place.

I appreciate your critique Brad, I think you would make a good ref but you seem too harsh on any chat related infringements that seem trivial to me in an online game - as for forum/blogg rulesets - you seen right on the money OFC as they are completely what's written - therefore more pertinent.

PS. I've permanently ignored element/achilles/hugo/wraith/anti and I don't get walls of orange faces or racist comments much at all anymore - you should try the same Smile

PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:00 am
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Brad Troika
Newbie poster

Joined: 22 Dec 2011
Posts: 45
I would suggest a 5 minute mute for slurs not a 30 minute kick, but I see your point about overregulating although I disagree. I find it hard to believe that most people would find not being able to use the word nigger or fag without a mute so irritating that they would jump ship (apart from a select few).

So I still maintain that for slurs a zero tolerance policy is still at least a goal that should be stated, while general insults should only be handled with mutes when they go way overboard.

As a side-note, as a ref I would've upheld the community guidelines, not my own, although one of the reasons I canceled was seeing those community guidelines dictated by the current refs and disagreeing with it.

For the rules regarding refs, I generally agree, although I would rewrite them instead of removing them altogether.
I think they should focus on how to handle refs as a player, i.e. how to deal with perceived ref-abuse: don't fight it in chat, make a post about it. In-game chat is not a good place to discuss rules and how a ref interpreted them and players should be discouraged doing it, and instead they should post in on the forums, although seeing how complaints are (not) dealt with here either, some thought should be given by refs and jmz on how to continue.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:48 am
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Newbie poster

Joined: 25 Sep 2014
Posts: 548
Re: Concerns about rules
My assessment

djinghis wrote:

^rConcerning Votes:^w

16. Players are not allowed to call kick votes for no reason.
- If no reason is specified after a kick vote has been started, it will be stopped.

Just another pointless rule as refs stop votes even with a reason - even a very good reason.

17. Players are allowed to call message votes as long as they do not break Rule 1.
- A message vote can be stopped by a referee without any given reason.

18. Players are allowed to call impeach votes during the warm-up stage.
- Once the game has started players should use the elect commander vote instead. However, impeach votes can still be used if it's necessary to get rid of a commander right away.

This isn't even a rule - duh.

Rule 16 has that technical issue where they introduced reason: clause in order to call the vote, however if you spam it enough, sometimes it works - if not, it leaves a wall of Reason:___ chat. To completely avoid the reason clause, simply use the console commands. So in essence, the vote would not be needed or re-worded if XR could program properly. But until such a time when they get a capable programmer, it needs to remain. However, 16,17,18 are not needed but could be combined into one that encompasses all.

16. Players may not call votes that interfere with the game or targeted votes void of good reason. Reasons for targeted votes must be made clear in global chat. Votes without good reason may be stopped, and excessive voting will lead to a mute, this includes all votes.

This I think covers voting in one rule and also includes something that was missing from the original that I find important, "excessive voting". See it too many times, a player wants to concede or draw and they spam it non-stop. It may need further work on the wording but I want to keep it as minimal as possible.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:21 am
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