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May 29 1989 (31 year old)
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Server Rules
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 Server Rules


1(chat). Continual and persistent Racism, Sexism, Ageism and Religious Intolerance and Vilification in chat and/or naming will result in a mute, this is especially unacceptable when a player is trying to bypass the existing chat filter with contextually understandable wording i.e replacing letters with numbers or symbols. Furthermore, a player with clan tags/icons/banners or profile pictures deemed inappropriate will be required to change account or delete said content, and if this condition is not met, they will be kicked from the server.

2(votes). Players may not call votes that interfere with the game or targeted votes void of good reason. Reasons for targeted votes must be made clear in global chat. Votes without good reason may be stopped, and excessive voting will lead to a mute, this includes all votes.


1(over hill). Players are not allowed to use catapult or other trajectory weapons to shoot over terrain or built up areas that are not traversable. An exception to this rule is shooting over destructible objects ie. Grimm walls. Continual efforts to exploit in this manner will result in that player being kicked. If the opposing team loses buildings as a result, a referee may compensate the lost resources (stone/gold).

2(Boundary). If players find themselves outside of a maps defined boundary*, they must make way back to normal terrain immediately. Taking advantage of out-of-bounds routes like shooting from or cutting out large areas of the map will lead to a slay, and continual abuse of out-of-bounds will result in a kick.

*Defined boundary refers to the traversable pathing of a map, usually and technically the area of a map that workers can move within and also where it's build-able.

3(camping). Players who excessively* re-spawn as a siege unit of either race around spawning areas will be considered camping and slayed if a warning via chat from a referee is not adhered to.

*Excessive spawning is generally more than 2 occasions, however the discretion and judgement of the referee at the time must be respected.

4(on buildings).Buildings may be traversed to get to other areas However, players may not drop objects on buildings such as demolition charges, land mines and firewards, players may not stay on top of buildings (irrespective of how they got there) and must find their way down immediately. If players don't adhere to warnings issued by referees, they will be slain.


1a(building gates). Commanders must not spam gates using the template, if a commander does not adhere to warnings to stop from a referee, a referee may destroy the entropy shrine.

1b(building on). Commanders must not build buildings on top of players or spawn flags to impede gameplay in an unnatural way. A referee may destroy said building, and if a commander continues to build in this manner, a referee may either impeach or lock them to spectators.

1c(building spawn). Commander that build spawning buildings that allows players to spawn out-of-bounds or over walls not ordinarily traversable must destroy said building immediately. A referee may slay spawners and or destroy said building without warning if the games outcome is visiably in jepody. Continuing to build in this manner will result in a referee either impeaching or locking them to spectators.

2(unit restrictions). Siege units are strictly forbidden for commanders, and if commanders use said units, they will be slain. If commanders persist in spawning siege, a referee may lock them to spectator or kick them from the server.

3(edicate). Commanders who destroy their own buildings to expediate their own demise may be subject to a non commanding period allocated by a witnessing referee for any length of time at the referees discresion not exceeding one day. Referees must be cautious as to the commanders motive, as they may be selling buildings as a last resort strategy to build elsewhere.
Commanders who leave their team without an appropriate communication or vote to assist that team in their absence will be subject to the same non commanding period. If this is seen as a blatent abandonment and the player is not seen for more than a day, the referee may enforce the non commanding punishment anew.


1(restraint). Spectators must not reveal or announce strategy from their advantageous position, otherwise they will be muted without warning and or locked to spec.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:37 am
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Newbie poster

Joined: 20 Feb 2011
Posts: 370
Added these rules into the client's 'rules' button.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:39 pm
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