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Tjens wrote:
Dingfire wrote:
for once I agree with djinghis, remove the balli/summ nerf. It sucks balls

I don't think the changes are so much of a nerf and more so a redesign. Siege camping has been an issue for yeaaaaars, and what these changes are trying to do is tackle that; give them more of a supporting ability, give players incentive to protect them and stick close but keep their anti-building goal intact.

I would say they are a nerf due to how ppl play savage - i.e you always make sure you are on full health as a legionnaire. Although the nerf seems small, it's actually not (especially for summ) the med hungry humans are seldom on <600hp - that and res/officer res and chaplins, its rare to get summ kills now, and much easier to get bali kills with all the crossfire of human dominated range weapons constantly putting you below <600hp. As much as ppl cry about one-hit kills - that's the idea of it, you need powerful weapons. The nerf not only effects the player vs player but makes it ridiculously hard to deal with one legionnaire coming to pop you while you are (NOT CAMPING) and going for shields.
Tjens wrote:

Whenever I'm playing summoner now I notice people actually sticking with me as my buff gives them added protection. On top of that summoners are way more versatile in melee combat; you can leap away, knock attackers back, and when you're paired with a teammate you're more resilient against ranged weapony.

These changes are actually turning summoners into teamplayers, as opposed to staying back by themselves and trying to get some cheap shots!

Several problems with this, and firstly let me state the most important point of all.

Summoners are a ranged unit - have been for over 10 years.

Adding all these auras/melee/leap just because you can is not a reason to do it, save it for an extreme mod. Not only does leap not have an animation - therefore not technically a leap but something like "blink" (lazy development) but the primary weapon has been changed to the second slot (obv not going to be popular). I had sum leap about 5 years ago on my server for 5 minutes of fun, and Id never dream of adding it to the main game - that's stupidity, and yet here we are with the community saying how stupid it is with the obvious exception of tjen/madmod who play 5 minutes a week tops. You're welcome to your opinion but why aren't you playing extreme mod or evolution mod? that's essentially what you want, yet you're pushing a 13 year old game to have core changes when a mod infrastructure is in place. I just hope someone had a copy of old savage somewhere )

Tjens wrote:


Aaaaaanyway, back on topic; my ping has been great on Pulse, keep it up.

Gold problem: Maybe a good idea for the lack of gold for towers; increase the mining rate from goldmines! Right now goldmines are pretty useless, and I don't even bother putting them in my maps anymore just because it's not worth the time of both workers or players to actually mine gold.

Increasing the gold extraction rate by about 5x towards 250 gold per run seems like a good start; you'll need 6 workers to get enough gold for a tower - precious worker uptime you could spend on building or mining redstone. Gold autominers could use the same multiplier aswell, it will make them a center of interest instead of just being in the way!

I use gold mines a lot and they do their job quite well, but I don't see the harm in an increase - perhaps X2. I think you'll find that 5x would turn the game into a noobfeast where everyone can afford the biggest and best unit 10 spawns in a row without a dint in economy. I think Jmz needs to add a little more spawn time imo - killing the same pred 4 ex, 3 times before your get to their spawning point is tiresome Smile

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:41 am
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